EP tries to change terms of Youth Unemployment Initiative…

…EVTA encourage them to stop

The mid-shuffle in European Parliament is the main reason for people to doubt that democracy works in a proper way. In the election time, there is a contact between citizens and the parties, but then all the people become forgotten for long time. Some of the political promises were done, some of them were not. The main trouble, that the vast of Europeans cannot do anything to check up the work of the governmental structures.

Election campaign divides society in several groups and the biggest one stays behind the winner. Parliament starts to work, so people want the promises to be kept, and here comes the best time for the manipulation. “We will increase the salaries for 35% for all the workers, but retirement age will be extended.” And most of media would never tell you about the second part, they will focus your attention at the profitable one.

Double standards is the ground for mid-shuffle. For example, in most cases the leading party remains the same, and the programme remains the same, but the faces change. EVTA has a great reason to take as more attention as possible to this problem. The case is that some of parties try to change the terms of Youth Unemployment Initiative.

Changes which can be perilous for a category of people ?

There were clear and simple plans that had to be approached by every country. Youth Unemployment Initiative was going to decrease amount of unemployed people for about 25% overall in 5 years. And before the mid-shuffle in the EP, most of its departments wanted countries (France, in particular) to show the real results of the campaign. We want to remind you that European Union promised to sponsor the YUI for about 600 million Euros. But it seems that it will not happen at all.

European Vocational Training Association is aimed to help people of all ages to train and get a job, because in modern rapidly developing world labor market may be rough and unfair. We are here to help the countries to approach Youth Unemployment Initiative and some other training programs. But today whistleblowers announced that the next stage of YUI will be bound with the elective age decrease and young people may vote at age of 16. We do not think that it is the project that has to be legislated.

But, fortunately, there is a legal way to get all the money for Youth Unemployment Programme. European Vocational Training Association wants all the companies, universities and the factories to unite over one simple goal – to show the European Parliament the result. In this way we will make all the governors to admit the effectives of the programme and get extra money for it without any unfair additional terms. We believe that we can make it through together!

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