France : an extension of Youth Guarantee scheme ?

Youth unemployment remains one of the biggest problems for European countries. It is really hard for people who had just graduated to enter the labor market. That is why in 2013 Youth Employment Initiative was started and the EU was going to sponsor its approach in France for 6 billion Euros in 61 states. But now we must consider that programme did not worked out.


A solution which can’t be adapted to the French model ?

In 2014 European commission started to check the results of the Scheme in France and it got a lot of critique. First of all, it works better in countries that did not suffer from financial crisis so much: in Spain, Greece and Portugal level of youth unemployment is still high. In addition, in France the approaching phase included only 10 departments, so we cannot be sure that programme had more impact on the labor market than the predicted economic growth. Thus, the commission resumed that for continuation of sponsoring France have to show real results.

The French Government is going to extent the number of participating departments to 61, but it would be pretty difficult task without EU financial support. The other state-members try to fight the youth unemployment on their own, because they feel the pressure and do not want to walk in French shoes. Anyway, the development of Youth Employment Initiative will remain one of the biggest European solutions in area of labor market. The commissioners predict that by 2020 about 75% of working-age population will have stable job.

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