EVTA Project Goals

Today it is clear that Europe need to develop new facilities for deeper integration. The best field to handle with this issue is labor market and, particularly training centers. Such an initiative will protect people from unemployment, because in every country you will get a chance to improve your skills and become much more efficient.

For this reason, there was created The European Vocational Training Association. It connects educational services with business sector, so the company gets new skilled employees and people get the job. EVTA main goal is maximum decreasing of unemployment in the European Union state-members.

5 years ago 4 stages of EVTA ecosystem were announced (education, employment, innovation, entrepreneurship). We consider that all the components are powerful factors, but deep integration make them even stronger. Nowadays, the highest priority is set on approach of developed strategies and extending of the range of participants. Most of our sponsors are non-governmental organizations that are interested in the raising of the labor market quality.